Alignment Service at Boro Line Auto

An Alignment Service is part of regular Vehicle Maintenance which consists of adjusting the suspension components to achieve proper alignment of your wheels. 

Having proper wheel Alignment is necessary to get the full life out of a tire. For example, having negative camber increases the wear on the inner edge of a tire; unfortunately meaning you must think about replacements sooner than later. 

When should I get an Alignment?

At Boro Line Auto Service, we suggest having your alignment adjusted at least once a year. Once tires wear irregularly, the wear is there for the life of the tire. That is why we recommend regular checks! An alignment consists of angles consisting of Toe, Camber, Caster, Ride Height and Overall Thrust. These are all important aspects to your vehicles safety and performance. Having your vehicle out of alignment leads to uneven and immature tire wear, poor handling and shorter tire life; adding to the total running cost for you the consumer through shorter tire life.

At Boro Line Auto we have the top-tech equipment available to service your vehicle!

Hunter HawkEye Alignments at Boro Line Auto Service-

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