Safely Driving during the Fall in Pennsylvania

Here is a Boro Line Auto Service List for all the Pennsylvanian Drivers this upcoming Fall! 

  1. Back to School!


  • School is back in session, with it comes school buses and crossing lanes for students. Be sure to adhere to the correct following distance, passing and stopping rules when commuting with school buses.  A little patience and some attention is all you need to possibly save a life! 

2. Tire Pressure Changes with the Seasons!


  • We don't recommend replacing all the air in your tires seasonally as a maintenance task... Switching from that humid Summer air to the brisker Winter air doesn't help you or your tires; frankly thats a matter of fiction. However, we do need to be aware that under inflated tires do occur more frequently in the upcoming Fall and Winter months due to a decrease in temperature. Remember, a decrease in temperature leads to a decrease in pressure. Having a tire pressure gauge handy helps you keep your tire pressures in check during the changing of the seasons. A pressure gauge is a necessity that every glove box should have stored away. If you think your tires are low, maybe due from the changing of the seasons or one of your tires may have just happened to add a nail to its treading, we're here to help make sure your tires are properly inflated!

3. Feelin' Frosty!

  • If there is frost on your windshield there may be the possibility for there to be frost on the road. As such, reduce vehicle speed and an increase following distances are recommended. Be sure to clear off ALL windows for proper visuals while driving; give yourself extra time to scrape the glass in the mornings. Now, before the weather gets too cold, is a good time for you to check if your scraper is where you left it last year. Also, its always a good idea that you have some warm gear stored in your ride for worst case scenario moments!

4. Battery Failure!

  • This time of year, more than any other is when the weak batteries stand out from the strong. Have your battery and charging system condition checked. Being stranded because of a no start is never ever fun, especially in the cold. Take preventative action and make sure your entire charging system is working to its full capabilities. Just ask for a Charging System Test!

5. Shorter Days!

  • Driving from work after the Sun has set is many people's reality soon to come. Be sure that all your lights are in proper working condition. If your lens is fogged due to ultra violet damage from the Sun over the summer months, think about having them restored to give you added vision. Also, there are high intensity head lights that are now widely available on the market. Some more expensive than others but all in all they do add clarity to your night commute!

6. Rainy Days!

  • Be sure to make sure that your windshield wipers clear the glass on every pass of the blade. If there is streaking, clattering, or the blade is coming apart leaving it ineffective have them replaced before the season's worst storms hit! If you find yourself in a down pour with bad visibility, take the safe route and pull over, be patient and wait it out for conditions to improve before continuing down the road.

7. "DEER!"


  • When you come across a deer, you want to maintain control of your vehicle so be sure to avoid swerving. Try coming to a complete and controlled stop when avoiding any animal on the roadway.

8. Protect Your Vehicle!


  • Now is the best time for anyone to have their vehicles exterior protected. The upcoming months have an arsenal of weapons to beat your car up, wouldn't it be smart to up your defenses. With an exterior detail, your car will be thanking you next Spring!

If you follow this list, you and your vehicle will be happy come Spring!

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