Everything you Need to Know about Tires!

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 A Boro Line Auto Service List of everything you need to know about Tires!

Out of the thousands of different parts on your car, the tires are the only part that actually makes contact with the road. The tires have an effect on the efficiency of the vehicle's braking, handling, acceleration, road noise, overall feel of the ride and even the fuel economy. The tires influence your everyday commute whether you're aware of it or not. The following is a list of everything you need to know about getting the most out of your tires!

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  • Tire Wear

    • There is no way around Tires wearing. Even if you don't drive the vehicle, the tires will still wear from Tire Dry Rot! Simply, the tires will wear no matter what. The goal is to make them wear properly. When the tires wear properly, you'll have uniformity across all the treads on all the tires and it will be minimal in relation to miles driven. By having your tires wear properly you'll be getting the maximum life and the most effieciency on the road out of your Tires. Here are some examples of tires wearing irregularly..



  • How to Avoid Irregular Tire Wear

    • Properly Inflated Tires

      • The proper inflation for your tires can be found in your owners manual or more readily on the tire placard on your vehicle's driver door post. When inflating your tires be sure to use a pressure gauge, it is never okay to guestimate tire inflation.

      • Remember, that with changing Seasons tire pressures will change. A decrease in temperature always leads to a decrease in pressure. 

      • Having over inflated or under inflated tires decreases the overall life span of the tire due to irregular wearing, shown in the depiction below...


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    • Tire Rotations

      • Rotating your Tires helps keep the wear even on all four tires uniform, therefore increasing the life of the tires.

      • A good rule of thumb is to have your tires rotated every other oil change or every 7,000 miles.tireroationborolineautoserviceinc19406.jpg
    • Four Wheel Alignments

      • Keeping your wheels heading in the right direction goes a long way at preventing irregular tire wear. 

      • Alignments keep your vehicles camber, caster, and toe in check. By doing an alignment, it keeps tire wear minimal while ensuring the vehicle travels straight and true.

      • We suggest having an alignment performed everytime a new set of tires are installed, and having your alignment checked twice a year for confidence that you're running at top efficiency.

    • Tire Balancing

      • When balancing a tire we use computerized equipment that identifies where precisely wheel weights should be applied to the rim. The weights used are for counter-balance purposes.

      • If your wheel is out of balance the tire will actually have a wobble or even a hop as you drive down the road. This increases the tires wear rate, as well as gives the driver vibrations in the steering wheel or excessive road noise.

      • Everytime you get new tires installed, your wheels need to be rebalanced.

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