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"Why is my Brake Light on?"


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A light on your instrument panel should never be ignored! When a Brake Light pops on, it could, generally, mean one of three things...

1. Your parking Brake is engaged.
2. Your Brake fluid is below minimum levels. Which is a sign that your Brake system needs inspection.
3. A malfunction of a wheel speed sensor has caused your ABS light to come on.

Brake lights need to be addressed immediately to prevent poor performance, damage or failure to the Braking system. Our Technicians will diagnose your Brake Light to determine the solution to your problem.

I want a Pad that will last more miles. Can I get a set on my car?

Brake Pads are designed to wear out. How fast they wear is dependent on the driver and the vehicle more than the Pads friction material formulation. While there are pads on the market that promise more miles, it is difficult to say if these last longer than other Brake Pads. However, there are three things you can do to make your brake pads last longer. Have us inspect your brakes regularly, replace the hardware if necessary and avoid hard sudden braking manuevers when possible. [Brake Pads]


Arn't all Brake Pads the same?

No, almost every vehicle model has different brake pad shape. The friction materials used in the construction of the pads are also different since most vehicles have specific requirements and performance capabilities.

Our in stock Brake Pads go through exhaustive testing by the manufacturer to guarantee the best stopping power, noise abatement and pad life for your vehicle.

We get it! The number one cause for a customer return for brakes are noise and vibration. Our Pads have recognized these issues and they are constantly improving their products to eliminate these issues. [Brake Pads]

When should I have my Brakes Checked?



Have your brakes regularly checked, a good rule of thumb is every 5,000 miles at regular tire rotations. Not having Brake Pads at the proper specification thickness on your vehicle may lead to poor performance of your Braking System when you need it most! Having Grinding brakes or Brakes that make noise leads to an avoidable costly repair. Therefore, having the Brake Pads Replaced before they get to worn is what is best for your vehicle, and your wallet!

What are Drum Brakes?



Drum Brakes are a type of Automotive Brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes that apply outward pressure against a rotating cylinder-shaped part called a Brake Drum. The term "Drum Brake" can be typically defined as a brake in which shoes apply an outwards force against the inner surface of the drum causing friction to slow or bring the vehicle to a stop.

What is Rotor Delamination?

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Notice the outter rim of these Rotors, they have a mild case of delamination.

The main cause more and more people are having to deal with this issue is due to Corrosive Road De-Icing Brines used during the Winter months. If the surface of the rotor is weak, water, road salt and de-icing brines can work their way between the face of the rotor. This can cause the face of the rotor to separate, and flake as the rust penetrates the weakest points of the rotor.

Frankly, A Delaminated Rotor doesn't work as well as it should. Given the decreased amount of braking surface for your Brake Pads to grip to when coming to a stop replacement rotors and a set of Brake Pads are justly warrented.

"Metal on Metal Noise"


Are you hearing a metal on metal noise when coming to stop or while you are driving under normal conditions? If so, then its time to have your brakes checked imeediately! You most likely are hearing the speed sensor warning you of your brakes being close or at minimum thickness. Worst case scenario the backing plate of the brake pads has started to ruin your rotors due to the absence of brake pad material!

How often Should I have my Brakes Checked?

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It's of utmost importance to have your Brakes checked at least twice a year. Having them checked gives you confidence that you won't run into unnecessary costly repairs due to Shoes or Pads wearing into your Drum or Rotors!

Give us a call today to have your vehicle serviced by one of our trained and experienced Mechanics! We offer Brake Inspections that will save your Brake System from having the need to make costly repairs that could potentially be avoided! Auto Problem Prevented.

Why Replace Brake Fluid

If you learn anything from this breif, remember:

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake applications in automobiles and light trucks. The fluid is used to transmit pressure from the brake pedal to the pistons at each wheel, producing braking action. Brake fluid is very hydroscopic. It is like a sponge for absorbing water and moisture. Over time, brake fluid becomes contaminated. The water/moisture it absorbs will rust out the inside of brake lines and other brake parts. Brake fluid should be flushed/replaced on a regular basis, as per the manufacturer's maintenance recommendation, to help keep the brake system is good working condition.

What causes Uneven or Excessive Pad Wear?

Wear of Brake Pads is inevitable and happens little by little every time you slow down and come to a stop. The longevity of your Brake Pads is dependent upon driving habits, the brand of Pads, and the functionality of your Brake System.

With that being said, uneven or excessive pad wear may occur due to a distorted caliper, caliper slides sticking, piston sticking or excessive caliper clearance.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Brakes?

A great question but some what complex to answer as to give a time recommendation due to differences in individual driving habits, road conditions and the type of vehicle in relation to  differ weight and brake systems.

The best bet is to check the Brakes at every oil change to avoid damaging the Rotors from over-worn Brake Pads and having a bigger problem than necessary.

According to the Car Care Council, here is the Top Ten Signs of Brake Wear that you as a driver can be aware of on any given day:
1.   High pitched squealing
2.   Vibration in the steering wheel when stopping
3.   Grinding noises when stopping
4.   Increased braking distances
5.   Longer pedal travel
6.   Feeling the car “pull” to the left or right when stopping
7.   A weak emergency brake
8.   A bad smell after coming to a hard stop
9.   Pedal “fade”
10. Not stopping

Why do my Brakes pulsate when stopping?

We get this question all the time. In most cases a pulsation could be caused by many things. There could be a Tire Problem, or the problem could be caused by Brake Rotors that get warped by heat buildup? In most Vehicles we find that the latter is the problem and can-do various repairs to the Braking system in order to Correct this problem. Stop in or call today and we'll schedule you for a Brake Inspection.

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